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Our tallented students start their own blogs. They try to create their blogs beauty. Rashmika, Navoda, Kasun, Kosala, Nadeera, Niwantha, Isuru, Anjalee, Chinthaka, Hasun, Mlith, Dananjana are the masters in Wayamba Lanka academy. In the present see the blogs are given below. www.rashmika.wordpress.com, www.nawoda.wordpress.com, www.suwadamalak.wordpress.com,

blogging.jpg  blogging-2.jpg  blogging-3.jpg


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Checked the students’ (Niwantha, Kasun, Dilip ) computers in their houses. Installed few programmes including virus protection and photoshop. Their parents are happy and proud in this miracle.  Some of  villagers eagerly waiting for enter their children to the Wayambalanka academy. We are ready for a huge ICT operation in this rural Nikawewa village. You can join with us too. We hope more civilities from you.

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