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One hopefull farther


Dear sir

 “My daughter is Maneesha. She enthuse to computer subject. I want to get a computer for her. So what  am I do next ? I can’t spend more. “

Mr. Wanni said

“If you can’t get brand new one or assemble one  you can go to used computers. It is suit for now. I think you can buy that  computer about Rs.12000.00 “. Good luck !

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2091115584_fab0f9baac_m1.jpg    2091324760_97e8cbd142_m1.jpg          

Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake who connsulter of e village project came to our village. He encouraged our students and English teachers. He   is happy about our students’ skills. Our students discussed with Mr. Wanninayake and they knew how do we learn English as possible.

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And also Mr. Wanni visit  the proposed village computer building. Mr. Somawathie who owner of that building was discussed. Specially we abled chat with villagers. Villagers were partcipating to Sramadana programme. Villagers are very happy obout evillage activities. They promised to give  good help to it.

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The World Biggest Cobra statue


The world biggest 7 Nai Pena (cobra) statue situated in this rural area. The historical temple called Naindanawa  is the owner. This is in Palagama remote village, Polpithigama, Sri Lanka. This is not famous in world. It is  rare to find. But this statue is not safty.  We invite all of you to visit this wonderful statue.

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