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We won…

WinnersIn the 2009 Provincial Innovative teachers software competition our school won three places. D.M. Kasun Disanayake get 1st place for art catogery. Kasun is a very tallentful member of our evillage. Further Mr. Kithsiri Abeysinghe won second place for grade 12-13 catagory. But he was the previous all island winner. In this time he presented a web site for advance level It students. you can see it from our school web site. www.nikawewa.sch.lk  and other winner is mr. Lansakara who computer centre manager of the school. He got 9th place for his software. We wish to these heros for bright future.


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Kasun disanayakeIn the 2009 provincial innovative teachers software competition our tallented student  D.M. Kasun Disanayake get the first place from art section. In this time Kasun presented a little software for A/L  Economic subject. It was a well organize software. We wish to this student for a bright future. You can visit more from his web site. www.kasun.wayambalanka.org

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