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A series of functions has been organized by the school development society, Old pupils’ association and present school generation from 23rd of September 2010 to 4 th of October 2010 in the school premises in order to celebrate the fulfillment of 100 years for the school by this year.

The Programe of the Ceremony
2010.09.23 – Pirith Chanting ceremony through out the night
2010.09.24 – Alms giving for 100 bikkhus
2010.09.30 – Educational Exhibition
2010.10.01 – Educational Exhibition
2010.10.04 – Final Day
The presence of Hon; Minister of Education, Deputy minister of education, the chief minister of North Western Province and the gathering.

The programe of the Final Day

  • Opening of newly built shrine room donated by Ven; Nayaka Thero of Nagala Raja Maha Viharaya.
  • Launching of the souvenir
  • Donating Computer accessories to evillage programme by Hon; Deputy minister Salinda Disanayaka.
  • Laying foundation stone for new building.
  • Naming school halls in honor of late principals
  • Lottery draw and musical show.

We cordially invite you to participate for the ceremony.

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