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Title has become a big trouble to the village. This is the harvesting season. Not only elephants but also heavy rain destroy the harvest. Can you purpose a good solution to solve this problem.


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   On 09th February 2008 in the Nikawewa hospital held a little festival. There are few medical equipments donated to the hospital. There was an  Incubator in this donation. Parlimant minister Bandula basnayaka, Jayarathne Herath, health authorities and other politicians were participate. Nikawewa is a one of busy hospital in rural Sri lanka. It is covering large  area.  Kidney diseases is the main problem to the villagers.

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We wrote  a post about Sakunthala. This is another one. She is a good student in this remote area. She is poor. But skills are rich. Her farther has died. She has one brother. A PC will be a dream to her. Because even no electricity to the village.

Yesterday she started a X-set account in Sampath Bank. On your help, she will build a bright future.

 Name of the bank – Sampath
Branch – Kurunegala
Account – X-set
Account n; – 100642110217
Name – H.M. Sakunthala Maduwanthi Dissanayake

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We want electricity

2117186279_0279cf0304_m1.jpg     2117967776_e59758a37f_m1.jpg

Sakunthala Maduwanthi is a clever blogger in wayambalanka. She live in remote Galahitiyagama village. Her father was died in recent time. She is a calm girl. This village want electricity soon. Because the most of wayambalanka students are in Galahitiyagama village. Sakunthala can’t watch her favoutite TV programme. They have to recharge their car battery constantly. It is a difficult task, but her elder brother do it.

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The consulter of e village project Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake kept  a successful workshop for wayambalanka kids and parents. He show some vedios and presentations about Mahavilachchiya (Horizonlanka). Not only that but also presented how you can improve your English knowledge and computer skills. The workshop kept in Nagala temple.

    2117995698_b1024bddfd_m1.jpg    saku-2.jpg

After the workshop Mr. Wanni visited the village. While visit, he could discuss with  two rural families. That village has no electricity power. But the parents are happy about evillage. They want to buy computers. But the money and power is a problem.

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One hopefull farther


Dear sir

 “My daughter is Maneesha. She enthuse to computer subject. I want to get a computer for her. So what  am I do next ? I can’t spend more. “

Mr. Wanni said

“If you can’t get brand new one or assemble one  you can go to used computers. It is suit for now. I think you can buy that  computer about Rs.12000.00 “. Good luck !

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2091115584_fab0f9baac_m1.jpg    2091324760_97e8cbd142_m1.jpg          

Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayake who connsulter of e village project came to our village. He encouraged our students and English teachers. He   is happy about our students’ skills. Our students discussed with Mr. Wanninayake and they knew how do we learn English as possible.

 wanni-4.jpg    wanni-1.jpg    2070059377_3da83bf0cf_m1.jpg

And also Mr. Wanni visit  the proposed village computer building. Mr. Somawathie who owner of that building was discussed. Specially we abled chat with villagers. Villagers were partcipating to Sramadana programme. Villagers are very happy obout evillage activities. They promised to give  good help to it.

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